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How long does probate take in California?

The probate process can be a problem if not done correctly. Probate takes time to complete and requires many steps before it’s over. But exactly how long does probate take in California? In general, probate usually lasts 12 to 24 months. If the estate in question is small or there are no assets to administer, then probate may only last a couple of weeks. However, most estates will require more than a year to settle.

During this time, you must make sure that all necessary documents are filed with the court, pay any outstanding debts, distribute any remaining funds (distribution of assets), and transfer ownership of property to beneficiaries. You should also keep an eye out for potential tax liabilities.

What is the probate process in California?

The speed at which you can finish the probate process depends on a few factors.

After locating the will and death certificate, determine the assets of the estate and complete the California Petition for Probate form. Once completed, deliver the petition for probate to your county probate court and wait for your hearing. If necessary, pay any outstanding bills and creditors before distributing assets to heirs and beneficiaries. Finally, close the estate by filing an order closing the estate (or final accounting).

How much does the probate process with a paralegal cost in California?

If you choose to hire a paralegal, expect to pay between $895-$1,800. This is dependent on the case.

If you have any questions about probate in California, please contact us at 909-451-9819. We’re here to help! Independent legal solutions can help you take care of all of your probate needs quicker and more affordable than a traditional probate lawyer.

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